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Good VS Evil

The world wide web of deceit. A term that the author/designer/creator of The Anonymous Email Address Projects has given the modern day Internet, certainly fits the profile quite well. Without a doubt, good vs evil would be a term that describes the ongoing battle for supremeacy on the powerful search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and everywhere people go in today's culture of 2020, to find good information concerning topics of interests that they may have. The web can be a wealth of inspiration and knowledge, or for many, it can be a jungle filled with danger, evil and wrong doing. How do we as thinking, logical and intelligent human beings tell the difference between good and evil on the web? The question to that is what the topic of discussions will be about on the site titled
The beginning of was a site whose purpose was to tell the story, the true story, the unvarnished truth about a particular MLM organization located in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is the quintessential example of MLM trickery and hype. The purpose was/is to expose this company for what it really is. The damage done to this organization to the hard working and dedicated affilaite members of long standing cannot go unnoticed. Over time, this digital presentation will reveal more and more of the hype, lies and misrepresentations which this organization has reaped on its memebers. But there is more to this story than MLM hype, lies and scams.

Bringing Evil Into the Light

As the site has progressed over the last few months, a new emergence of assets sites such as The IRS, The FTC, The CDC and other trusted organizations of justice, integrity and intelligence, has come to to report various types of fraud, scams, lies and misdeeds by those who try to use the web as their breeding ground for making money and creating havoc in good people's lives. While there is much good on the web in 2020, unfortunately, the bad often overtakes the good and the bad guys win once again. Lost time, wages and wrong prevail, while the good and innocent of the world suffer. is here to see that the scams, lies, hype and wrongdoings on the web are brought into the light. Hopefully, by doing this, there will be people who will see this digital creation as an important resource for distinguishing between the good and the bad. It is hoped that all who come and view will walk away with something that will assist them in some special way. is a Non-Profit and Non-Commercialized Site

Armed with nothing more than good information, intent and purpose, the author of, as well as the other Anonymous Email Address projects goes forth and uses the power of creative thought and writing to make a statement on the web that is positive, long term and will reach a great many lives in some special way. Thanks to those who come to and view the information provided and please, if value is found here, support this site by sharing to the social networks and letting others know about the content and the purpose.

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