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Trivita-How NOT to Get Paid!

How to Work, Write, Get Others to Join and Still NOT Get Paid!

Just a little background information about Trivita.  Trivita, the MLM and network marketing company whose home is in Scottsdale, Arizona.  At least that is what we have all been told.  Trivita, is that special kind of company that is driven by good old fashioned Christian ethics.  Michael R. Ellison, the CEO and Founder of Trivita, wants everyone to be sure that he, and the company that he has built from the ground up, well, maybe he had a little help, is based in integrity, the desire to help people live better, and to provide those lucky people with a legacy income.  Now pay attention.  I said LEGACY income.  This means an income that can reach far into the future for you, your kids and their kids if you play the game the right way.  In other words, this SHOULD be the MLM company of your choice if you want to succeed with some type of home based business.

The First Years

Way back in the way back, this Trivita gig was made kknown to this author.  Having stated that "I hate MLM" several different times, the people that approached me to play the game, knew full well of my dislike for anything with the MLM tag written on it;  however, they were willing to pay my way in, which back in those days was huge, and even paid me to write for the Trivita company.  This is exactly what I did.  I personally, and this is NOT an exaggeration, wrote more positive content for Trivita that has ever been done, or will ever be done.

To say the least, the exposure on Google was phenomenal.  It was a great testament to how the Internet works.  Thousands joined Trivita as a result of this effort and we all came away from it with a new thought about MLM.  I never did care for Trivita;  however, they paid the bills, and I was good with that.  Now when I say paid the bills, that is about all that it did.  For many thousands of Trivita members in my personal down line, I was only paid a very small amount of money.  I know, you wanted to hear how I got rich in the MLM business with little or no effort, right?  Well, that is not true in any of these rackets.  Believe me, as I know exactly what I am talking about.  Very small payments from Trivita paid a few bills, like electricity, gas, some of the car payment and this is about it.  The money was never good enough to stand alone as the primary source of income, but it was ok and I took it.

The Middle Years

Each and every month, like clockwork, Trivita products were purchased as this was a requirement to keep those huge commissions coming in on time.  Trivita paid each month, on or before the tenth, and all was well.  I still never cared for Trivita or their products;  however, I was making money for my family, so I kept going.  They no longer let any of us promote Trivita in the conventional way.  They were so afraid that we, the ITBO/s were going to say something about the Trivita products that was no true.  As for this author, I NEVER made ONE statement about products or the company in order to successfully promote them.  All of my work was done with keywords, ad content and links.  NOT ONE WORD about Trivita or how the products word was mentioned, and yet, I was literally banned from writing any more about their Trivita stuff.

The Last Few Years

Dwindling commissions, MLM trickery and hype have all played into the Trivita game.  Michael R Ellison has stooped so low now, as to offer his legacy income earners from the past, the ones who BUILT HIS BUSINESS FOR HIM, and has not given them IOU's for the loyalty and effort.  You heard this right folks.  This guy, Michael R. Ellison, no longer pays the very people that put Trivita on the map in the first place!

So, you might say, big deal, right?  Well, if you LOST income, and I mean stable and steady income.  Income that you depended on to pay your rent, your groceries, your car payment and your taxes, would you be pissed off?  OH HELL Y ES YOU WOULD BE!  Therefore, the only recourse here is to writ e about the true, the 100% true story about Trivita.  This author is NOT going to let Michael R. Ellison get away with his self proclamation on being a good Christian man, and helping people.  NOT GOING TO DO IT!  So Michael, read because it is going to be around for an eternity.  Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I NEVER did like Trivita!



The word Trivita stands for the three pillars. Health, Wellness, Prosperity. The goal of Trivita is to provide people with the unique opportunity to become the product which they will be promoting, eg, Nopalea, Sublingual B12, Balanced Woman and a host of other powerful and expensive health and wellness products that have all been tested and approved to work. Trivita is not just another MLM nor a network marketing company. With their vast and intricate compensation plan, scarcely anyone can break the code of knowing exactly what they will be getting when signing up to become an ITBO, or Independent Trivita Business Owner.
Trivita is indeed unique in the MLM world of marketing and advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all of the other major search engines of the world wide web. They have strict codes of ethics which they apply with diligence as they peruse through the world wide web on a regular basis, and smyte all of the eager ITBO's that just want to make money from Trivita. In the early times with Trivita, this process caused quite a stir in the ranks as there were professional marketers who did an excellent job at promoting the Trivita business opportunity, and as a matter of fact, they set records in all areas of creating interest and actually build Trivita to the level that they are today. Those same ITBO's were literally squelched by the crack Internet police squad of Trivita who claimed that "you cannot do that" on a more than regular basis.

Michael Ellison-CEO and Founder of Trivita

Michael Ellison, from Scottsdale, Arizona, is a good looking professional businessman who had a dream, a vision, and set about on the path to put together a substantial MLM company that sold health and wellness to the people, and then offered to pay them for their efforts. The staff which he hired were all from marketing backgrounds, and some of the earlier marketing directors were staunch "belly to belly" network marketers who did not believe in the world wide web at all. "Tell all your friends and family about Trivita!" This was the way that Trivita was built, well almost, except for the brilliant marketing team who came together to build an incredibly powerful and long lasting number of people in the Trivita organization, most of which are still in the business model. This was one of the hallmark's of Trivita's long run, but in essence, these people were never given any recognition for their efforts at all. And as a matter of fact for the TRIVITA.ME site, this is an important note to make.


Trivita, with Michael Ellison sitting proudly at the helm, has always touted being a Christian based organization. This stems from an old MLM marketing gimmick that states, "make the people think you are moral and upstanding, you will make much more money!" And make the money, Michael Ellison has. As a matter of fact, with the good run on the Nopalean MLM inside an MLM business model, in other words, people already in Trivita once had to purchase Nopalea to stay in the loop of making money, this incredible feat drew even more income for the Ellison empire. Content in his approach to handling the lowly ITBO members, this rule still applies today. Michael and the Trivita crew are constantly trying to figure out new ways to make money from their ITBO representatives and offer them IOU's for their compensation efforts. And still the ITBO march to financial freedom from a home based business continues. Even though Michael Ellison makes statements like "this is our worst year ever," those IOU's keep coming out consistently and the ITBO members still keep buying those Trivita wonder pills and potions in hopes of actually being paid one day.

Trivita-The Essence of MLM

Michael Ellison will tell the story that Trivita is NOT an MLM company. They claim to be a health and wellness company with a compensation plan. In other words, they have people promote their products online for free. This is exactly what is happening, even though not a word of this ever comes from Michael's rich lips. He maintains his incredible dignity and grace at each and everyone of his webinars where he proceeds to tell all of the ITBO's how special they really are, and how he could not do all of the Trivita business model without them." The old time Trivita ITBO's still keep paying Michael Ellison monthly, hoping that maybe, just maybe, he will finally pay them for their efforts in the form of compensation, or real money. The new 20-20 Vision coming soon to an MLM theater near you, is sure to solve all of their problems, even though they have not been paid compensations in many months now. According to Michael, putting the old time legacy Trivita ITBO's on hold and paying the new members just makes perfect sense. Perfect sense in the MLM and network marketing world anyway as this has been the way of that industry ever since the first affiliate marketer hit the streets in hopes of making money in a different way other than actually working for it.


The new website on Google called TRIVITA.ME is a site that does not promote Trivita products, nor in any way shape or form, attempt to gain financial rewards of any kind from the creative writing found here. This site is simple in its approach. It is a site that will tell the true story of the happenings in and around Trivita and will be reporting of the various tricks that Michael Ellison and crew have in store for all of the unwary ITBO's. This site will be designed in time with the Disqus commenting function, and with orginial images and always great reading content about Trivita. The purpose of the site is to just report. No bias, nor claims of wrongdoings by Trivita will be found here, just the facts ma'am, please just the facts!

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